FanArt - Gackt Camui

This is a chibi FanArt of my favorite artist Gackt Camui; with Jesus and Ghost hair style and U+K cat costume.
The roses frame is not complete in the scan because this drawing is only a part of the page, the rest of the page is just text, but the roses frame is for all the page.

I used black ink, pencil colors, silver and gold gel pens.

I drew this specially for Gackt and sent it to him together with a fan letter through the FAN LETTER BOOK II Proyect from Spanish Dears. Since it takes too long for the letter to arrive from Colombia to Spain (That is the country where these letters have to be sended, and from there, Spanish Dears staff put the book together with all fan letters and send it to Japan); I am not sure if it will arrive on time to be included in the book (there is a deadline), so I don't know if Gackt will really receive this drawing. That is why I also sent a .pdf version of the letter by email to Spanish Dears Administrator, so they can print it there and include it in the book. But I really hope the original letter arrives on time!!!


FanArt - ASAGI (D)

First drawing of the year!!!
On dec 31/jan 1 I couldn't sleep because my neighbors had ruidous New Year's parties, so I spend my time sketching the wallpaper I was using on my pc then :)
I love Asagi!! he is one of my favorite musicians, his voice is just great, and I think he looks much better when he is "normal", I mean without makeup and visual key costumes... not that I don't like those, because I do; but I prefer his natural beauty :).


Same that previous but full color this time. Ink and acrilic painting.


An old illustration I did about 1 year ago. Black ink.